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We are an educational institution engaged in the business of promoting English for foreign education, personality development and communication skills. Our team of adept teachers headed by an MBA is involved in this work for the past ten years. Under the name of STUDY CENTRE, we are recognized as one of the leading coaching providers in Surat for English at different levels. More than 750 students coached by us are now pursuing higher education at Universities in Australia, UK and other countries.

If we don’t encourage the younger generation, who will?

Gone are the days of old age thinking and a conservative approach to life and careers. Youngsters today must be shown the path to self-development and progress early on in life, so they can base their future professions on skills and interests acquired early on. The youth of a new India will be a confident, well developed individual capable of competing with anyone and everyone in the world. The business, political and social leader of 2020 will have to compete with the Americans, the Chinese and of course fellow Indians. This future leader will have to have great people and communication skills and a mind full of ideas and idealism. Thus, preparing future ready youngsters is not an option – it is not even a choice – it is something that MUST be done.

Paradigm shift wishes to play its part in their development of these future leaders by giving them opportunities, confidence and skills from a very young age.


It has long been acknowledged that public speaking skills are one of the most essential skills of a competent leader. We have recently been witness to the role of public speaking skills in the American Presidential debates too. Young Orators wishes to give a platform to the young citizens of Gujarat to develop this skill and self-confidence. It was with this intention that Young Orators was started in 2008 in Surat. Starting with eight English medium schools of Surat, Young Orators IV had participation from 16 schools including those from Vadodara and Navsari. The journey continues..

YOUNG ORATORS develops, organizes and promotes oratory and debate-related activities directed at the youth. YOUNG ORATORS promotes its programs and its mission via a wide range of educational and strategic initiatives, from curriculum development and active individual training to international student exchanges and an annual, much-celebrated international youth forum.

YOUNG ORATORS encourages students to question, to listen to each other, and to explore even the most volatile subjects openly and with a mind full of curiosity. Also, Young Orators attempts to give the youngsters a chance to express their views on these topics in an intellectually rich environment.

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